The videos we produce take inspiration from the great communicators we admire.

Our total focus is on creating unique and compelling video.

When we meet clients that inspire us we become passionate about collaborating to develop exciting communications for them.


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Folake Bee: Production Director

Ray: Director

Annika: Director of Photography

John Foster: Creative Director

Susanne: Director of Photography

Spiros: Motion Graphics Lead

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Step into our world – find out how we make video and the services we offer.

When we work with you, our first step is to gain a detailed understanding of the needs that are met by your brand, product or service and map the customer journey.

Next, we conduct a lively, always fun, sometimes challenging, exploration of who you are, as individuals, as a team and as a business.

A storyboard is developed on which the creative will be based – then we get started.

Working with Beeline Films you will find us to be:

  • Open, creative.
  • Collaborative and proactive.
  • Great at project management.

All our workshops, strategy sessions and film shoots are positive, professional and … fun!

…that’s how we do it


Capture the positive experiences of your people on video and present these within the context of your brand.

Filming can be with the assistance of a production director to guide the shoot.

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Present your vision, views and values on video.

We can assist with scripting, conduct interviews to prompt natural responses and edit to create segments for distribution on the web, to the media and social media.

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Anything from a few seconds to a full feature length video.

Location or studio, scriptwriting, voiceover, music, 3D animation, filming, production direction – whatever is suited to the job.

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Business videos should appeal to the head, but the heart will set you apart.

Your customers want to understand:
Why You?

We help you show your customer what truly differentiates you from the competition.

We tell the story of how your product or service came into being.

We express your vision and what motivates your team to deliver excellence.

We explain why your brand has loyal advocates. 

The benefits, features, the technically brilliant must all be communicated – but in the intensely competitive tech world, it is the less tangible, the connection at the heart that will set you apart.

THAT’S the art of engaging.

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Are you ready to create video that will show how brilliant you are at what you do?


The only remaining questions…

Are you ready to bare it all and let your audience see what drives you, showing how you stand apart from your competitors?

Are you ready to do things differently – communicate your vision with passion and creativity?

Are you ready to collaborate with us and allow our team to create compelling video for your business?

Because we are ready!




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