What lights you up?…

Hello, I’m Folake. Founder of Beeline Films.

This film was my first ever experience of producing films. I went into it cold blind without hesitation. Using just my love for creativity and my love for the creative people around me. That was over 13 years ago now.


Over the years, I have worked with well known business personalities and celebrities and I have seen first hand how they showcase their passion to stand out – creating raving fans along the way.

I feel we can learn a thing or two from these celebrities in how we stand out in the business world especially with the advantage the internet provides.

There is a massive community that you could serve and because it is online, you can be as creative as you want and… connect globally if you wanted…. and guess what? Video is an excellent way to do this.

I love it.

No longer do we have to stick to the old boring way of expressing ourselves nor do we have to be confined into a box in our vision or who we are as a personality or a brand.

What are you today? What’s your brand story? Let’s celebrate you.

✨Folake Bee✨
Today, a Story Teller, Video Producer, Business & Digital Enthusiast & Lover of Life.

Who are you? Lets Celebrate You✨

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